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Sales: craven@cravenpottery.com

Shipping and Customer service: craven@cravenpottery.com

  Custom Handmade Pottery, Metal Fabrication, Custom Parts, Custom Molds and New items enquires craven@cravenpottery.com

If you would like to send a write letter to Craven Pottery, please use the following address: 

Craven Pottery
6640 Highway 52
Gillsville,  GA 30543

If you would like to call us, please feel free 770-869-3675.

If you would like to fax us for a quote, please feel free 770-869-7530.

If you would like read more about the action going on with Craven Pottery at Banks Crossing (Commerce), here is a link to the newspaper.




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Phone: 770-869-3675

Fax: 770-869-7530

E-mail: craven@cravenpottery.com


















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